Top 10 Funniest Patch Notes for The Sims 3

Whether unintentionally or not, the patch notes for The Sims 3 make for a hilarious read.

Ah, the glory of glitches. In a game as intensive and detailed as The Sims 3 and its many expansions, it's inevitable that there's going to be a huge batch of errors. The world of The Sims however, with its intricate eccentricities, brings on a new breed of of bugs all on its own. The following are the ten best patch notes for The Sims 3, culminated from three years of updates.

10. Fixed an issue that caused Sims to leave their Toddler inside a bar at closing time.

Nothing says "bad parenting" quite like taking your toddler aged child to a bar. Unless of course you take them to the bar and then keep them out til closing time. Then you're a really terrible parent. Unless you take them to the bar, keep them out til closing time, and then subsequently leave them inside. Then you're probably a candidate for worst parent of the year.