Danganronpa V3: Class Trials Walkthrough | All CT Solutions Guide

Stumped on a debate? Need answers to the multiple choice questions? Solve every single steps of the Class Trials in Danganronpa V3 with these solutions.

With a pinch of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and a whole helping of Visual Novel flair, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony tells a story all about inexplicable revenge and “Ultimate” students trying to get away with murder. Each chapter includes (and culminates) in a Class Trial. Like a real trial, you’ll present an argument on the case and try to convict the party you believe is the culprit.

The Class Trials are full of tricky puzzles, and to help make solving each trial easier on you, we’ve got all the solutions listed in one lengthy little article. All 6 chapters are included below, with simple, basic selections for each section detailed for your low-spoilers enjoyment. Of course, it’s pretty impossible to completely avoid spoilers for these cases — but we’ll try our best and only provide the pertinent information for each sequence.

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Class Trials Walkthrough | All CT Solutions Guide

There are 6 Class Trials in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Each Class Trial is broken up into different sections — press [Ctrl+F] to open the search bar and type in the sequence you’re looking for to instantly hop down to the solutions you’re looking for.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Class Trial Guide

  • Nonstop Debate
    • Truth Bullet: Rantaro’s Belongings
    • Weak Point: Rantaro Was The Mastermind
  • Nonstop Debate
    • Truth Bullet: Korekiyo’s Account
    • Weak Point: Never Went To The Library
  • Multiple Choice:
    • Cospox
  • Mass Panic Debate
    • Truth Bullet: Rantaro
    • Weak Point: Maki’s Account
  • Nonstop Debate
    • Truth Bullet: Sliding Door
    • Weak Point: With That Sliding Door
  • Spot Selection
    • Projector Screen
  • Nonstop Debate
    • Truth Bullet: Moving Bookcase
    • Weak Point:  No Obstacles
  • Select Truth Bullet
    • Hidden Door Photos
  • Nonstop Debate
    • Truth Bullet: Card Reader Dust
    • Weak Point: Hidden Door
  • Rebuttal Showdown
    • Truth Blade: Front Entrance Photos
    • Weak Point: Rejoin Everyone
  • Select Truth Bullet
    • Stacked Books
  • Multiple Choice
    • The Security Sensor Went Off
  • Nonstop Debate
    • Truth Bullet: Hidden Door Photos
    • Weak Point: The Moving Bookcase
  • Nonstop Debate
    • Lie Bullet: Receiver On Shuichi / Kaede
    • Weak Point: Also Had A Receiver
  • Debate Scrum
    • Intervals
    • Alibi
    • Together
    • Receiver
    • Lie
  • Multiple Choice
    • Camera Flash
    • Lure The Mastermind
  • Select Someone
    • Kaede Akamatsu
  • Nonstop Debate
    • Truth Bullet: Lookout Classroom
    • Weak Point: We Know That It Was In The Library
  • Hangman’s Gambit
    • Vent
  • Nonstop Debate
    • Truth Bullet: Stacked Books
    • Agree Point: It Started Rolling On Its Own
      • OR
    • Lie Bullet: Library Vent / Blocked Vent
    • Weak Point: Don’t Lose Sight Of The Truth
  • Multiple Choice
    • Miu Iruma
    • When She Was Leaving The Classroom
  • Nonstop Debate
    • Truth Bullet: Promotional Video BGM
    • Weak Point: Library Should’ve Been Quiet
  • Multiple Choice
    • Backpack
  • Argument Armament
    • Final Argument: Kill The Mastermind
  • Closing Argument
    • Kaito, Gonta and Tenko
    • Bow to Miu Iruma
    • Shot Put Balls in the Wooden Box
    • Prop the Vent Grate Up
    • Open the Encyclopedia
    • Turn on the Flash
    • Security Sensor Goes Off
    • Classroom Vent
    • Rantaro Notices The Flash
    • Killing Game Video Plays Very Loudly
    • Bookcase Returns To Its Original Position
  • Voting Time
    • Kaede Akamatsu


  • Victim: Rantaro Amami
  • Killer: Kaede Akamatsu