SNES Classic: Mega Man X – How To Get All Upgrades (& Ryu’s Hadoken) | Locations Guide

Dr. Light left Mega Man X a whole bunch of awesome upgrades to his armor. See where to find them all, including a Street Fighter 2 Easter egg ability.

There’s more than just Robot Master weapons to unlock in Mega Man X, the singular Mega Man franchise entry on the SNES Classic Edition. Hidden across the stages, a careful player can discover secret Dr. Light pods that provide X with new abilities like slide dashes, double armor, and more. They’re all worth getting, and if you manage to pick them all up, Dr. Light will even teach Mega Man X how to hadoken.

And to totally round out the Mega Man X guide, we’ll drop in the easiest boss order for good measure. If you don’t already have the boss order memorized, it’s a nice refresher to make this challenging game just a little bit easier for first-timers.

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All Dr. Light Enhancement Locations

Mega Man X is set in the future, but clever Dr. Light thought ahead. To help future Mega Men out, he left behind four special upgrades that enhance your abilities — often allowing you to enter areas you couldn’t reach normally.

  • Boots Upgrade
    • Enhancement: Press [A] or [Forward -> Forward] to perform a Dash. You can jump from a Dash, giving X a much longer jump range.
    • Location: Chill Penguin – This is the easiest enhancement to find. In the ice cavern with the spikes, climb to the top to find the capsule as you’re passing through.
  • Helmet Upgrade
    • Enhancement: Gives you immunity from falling rocks and lets you break certain blocks when jumping into them. Look for the small squares!
    • Location: Storm Eagle – In the area filled with vertical platforms, you’ll reach a narrow tower structure. Climb up, but don’t jump onto the platform at the top. Instead, drop down and hop to the ledge on your right. Blast the explosives to reach the pod.
  • Armor Upgrade
    • Enhancement: Provides 50% damage reduction for all attacks, making you much more resilient.
    • Location: Sting Chameleon – Before going into the caves area, climb the cliffs above the Heart Tank and follow the path above to a mini-boss. Destroy the boss and the upgrade pod will appear.
  • X-Buster Upgrade
    • Enhancement: Upgrades the X-Buster, giving you an enhanced charged attack. You can also charge your other weapons.
    • Location:¬†Flame Mammoth – Near the start of the level, you’ll need the Boots and Helmet to reach this upgrade. Reach the second assembly line and look up to spot breakable blocks. Use the right-ledge to dash-jump into the blocks, breaking them with your helmet and reaching the X-Buster upgrade.

The final unlockable upgrade is the Hadoken. This is an Easter egg item, and it’s pretty hard to get. To make the Hadoken pod even appear, you’ll need to have the following:

  • Get all Heart Tanks and Sub Tanks
  • Get all Upgrade Equipment
  • Defeat All 8 Robot Masters
  • Have a full energy tank.

This weapon is so powerful, you can kill most bosses in a single hit! Here’s how to get it.

  1. Start the Armored Armadillo stage until you reach the exterior area with the boss room door.
  2. When the mine cart collides with the wall above the boss door, jump off and climb the rock wall to reach the Energy Capsule — if you completed every as listed above, the Energy Capsule will be replaced with a Dr. Light Pod.
  3. … but not always. Bring at least 5-6 extra lives. It may take several tries, the Dr. Light pod will randomly just not appear. If it does not appear for you, jump in the hill, die, and try again. Keep checking!

To use the weapon, you’ll need to do a quarter-circle-forward motion with your D-Pad, just like Ryu in Street Fighter 2. Press [Down -> Down+Right -> Right + Y] to launch. Everything, even Sigma, will die in a single hit.

Boss Order – Weapons Unlock Guide

  1. Chill Penguin (Obtain Ice Shotgun, Weakness Fire Wave)
  2. Spark Mandrill (Obtain Electric Spark, Weakness Ice Shotgun)
  3. Armored Armadillo (Obtain Rolling Shield, Weakness Electric Spark)
  4. Launch Octopus (Obtain Homing Torpedo, Weakness Rolling Shield)
  5. Boomer Kuwanger (Obtain Boomerang Cutter, Weakness Homing Torpedo)
  6. Sting Chameleon (Obtain Chameleon Sting, Weakness Boomerang Cutter)
  7. Storm Eagle (Obtain Storm Tornado, Weakness Chameleon Sting)
  8. Flame Mammoth (Obtain Fire Wave, Weakness Storm Tornado)