Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 Awake – Optional Graffiti Locations

Where to find all ten of the optional graffiti locations in Life is Strange: Before the Storm episode 1 Awake.

With Life is Strange’s prequel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, players are once again brought back to Arcadia Bay. While we don’t get to go through the narrative as Max, we’re instead tossed into the shoes of Chloe before the return of Max.

Here you’re are able to get a peek into Chloe’s life after Max left town and though we don’t get any special powers, the game still manages to toss in some fun collectibles that plays around Chloe’s personality.

In the first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the player has ten areas that can be marked up with graffiti. Take a look at where to graffiti each of the ten areas below along with what graffiti options Chloe has and the achievement or trophy it unlocks.

Note: Completing all ten graffiti locations will earn you Bring on the Storm achievement/trophy which will also require beating the narrative gameplay.

Optional Graffiti Location # 1

The first location will be just outside of the Mill during the start of the game. You’ll notice an RV in which you can walk around the other side and tag it.

Graffiti Options

  • Not a Meth Lab!
  • Free Candy!


  • Recreational Vandalism

Optional Graffiti Location #2

The second location is right inside the old mill location. After tagging the RV, head into the old mill and head towards the top left area to find an old saw blade hanging on the wall that can be tagged.

Graffiti Options

  • Evil Eye
  • Spin


  • I See U Saw

Optional Graffiti Location #3


Once you’re in Chloe’s bedroom, you’ll be tasked with changing clothes. However, head towards the wall next to the door and rip down the unicorn poster. Afterwards, you’ll have the option to mark up your wall with graffiti.

Graffiti Options

  • 100% of the shots…
  • Genius is…


  • The Last Unicorn

Optional Graffiti Location #4

In the garage of Chloe’s home, open up the toolbox laying on the ground and grab the tool within for David. However, don’t head back to David, but instead look back at the toolbox for an option to tag it.

Graffiti Options

  • Intruder!
  • Box of Dicks


  • Home Unimprovement

Optional Graffiti Location #5

When you’re at Blackwell Academy, don’t head into the school. You’ll want to make a left when walking towards the water fountain. Back of the outside staging area, you’ll find a wall that can be marked right by a doorway.

Graffiti Options

  • Firewalk rawks
  • Principal Wells rawks


  • Rock Idol

Optional Graffiti Location #6

Inside the Drama class area, head into the backroom where you’ll find a “The Tempest” poster on a door. You can put Graffiti on the poster itself instead of ripping it down to expose the door.

Graffiti Options

  • Halo for Rachel.
  • Horns on Nathan.


  • Dramatis Personae

Optional Graffiti Location #7

When on the train and Rachel requests Chloe to sit down, move the crate and then head towards the back area of the train which was previously blocked by the crate. Look at the wall and read the message written down. Afterwards, Chloe can mark the wall up with Graffiti.

Graffiti Options

  • We are monsters.
  • Everybody Lies.


  • Mulligan Stew

Optional Graffiti Locations #8

At one point in the game you’ll be on the iconic mountain from Life is Strange once again. Head to the statue and mark it with graffiti.

Graffiti Options

  • Axe
  • Sextant


  • Pioneer Spirit

Optional Graffiti Locations #9


When at the junkyard with a bat, head to the “Good Kiddos” sign and smash it down. Then go over to the cans of red paint stacked together and smash that. Now you will be able to head to the sign and graffiti it with the red paint.

Graffiti Options

  • N/A


  • Face Your Anger

Optional Graffiti Location#10

The last graffiti location is during the dream sequence where Chloe will be in the back of the car with a poster in front of you. After moving the poster you can tag the back of the car seat in front of you. However, you will need to look down at the wine bottle in order to notice that the market is stashed inside. Grab the marker and then proceed to tag the seat.

Graffiti Options

  • Truth
  • Lie


  • Lucid Writing


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