2012: The Year In Videogame Music

Seb Wuepper tunes his ear to the year of 2012 in videogame music.

2012 In Videogame Music

2012 in videogame music

The past year was a great year for video games, with a ton of great titles and a number of interesting trends, especially in the indie scene, coming through. And it was also a year that saw a large number of games with really impressive music, both original compositions created for the game as well as licensed tracks.

Hotline Miami

Clear winner of the best use of music in a game this year clearly goes to Hotline Miami’s impressive arrangement of independent chiptunes house music. Or whatever exactly that genre is called.

It’s music that works great inside the game, but is also something to listen to anywhere anytime, making it more than just great game music. Some of the music apparently was created for the game, some was licensed. And all the music is amazing.