Top 10 Most Wanted Strategy Games of 2013

A compilation of the ten most wanted strategy games in 2013 for the PC and consoles.

Best Strategy Games of 2013

strategy games 2013

Strategy games are primarily for the PC, but that doesn't mean the so-called "master race" of gamers of holds domain over the genre as a whole. In fact, some of our most-wanted strategy games are set for release on the console next year, and it's with no small amount of ingenuity that game developers have managed to wrangle the controls offered by consoles to make the experience as seamless and pain-free as possible.

Previous attempts have not been quite as successful, but no success—not even the space program—has ever come without a few dozen failures as early trial runs, but I digress.

Videogames in general may be known for offering experiences that typically involve solving puzzles, jumping, and shooting people square in the face, but like a large buffet, videogames have always offered something for everyone no matter their tastes. For gamers who prefer to take on the roles of something other than soldiers and plumbers, strategy games have remained the genre of preference for these would-be civil engineers, generals, and emperors.

It is without further ado that we present our most wanted strategy games of 2013. Click on the next slide to continue!