Hollow Knight: Hidden Dreams – How To Find The 2 Secret Bosses

Encounter the secret White Defender, and the Grey Prince Zote in the free “Hidden Dreams” add-on to the indie metroidvania masterpience Hollow Knight.

The new “Hidden Dreams” add-on to Hollow Knight includes more than few secrets for fans of this metroidvania to discover. There are new areas — but more importantly, two new bosses to encounter. And neither of them are particularly easy to find.

Hollow Knight is a side-scrolling action-RPG, pitting your tiny bug warrior against an endless hive of increasingly dangerous (and mysterious) monsters. Taking cues from fan-favorites like Dark Souls and Super Metroid, Hollow Knight adds greater depth to its metroidvania-style combat while still retaining a giant, open-ended map to explore. Uncover the mysteries of the Hallownest with our complete and quick guide explaining how to find these two fresh boss battles.

Hidden Dreams – Secret Boss Locations Guide

Two new bosses are included in the “Hidden Dreams” update for Hollow Knight; the White Defender and Grey Prince Zote. Both have very specific requirements to locate, so we’ll break down everything you need to know in the following sections.

White Defender Boss – How To Find:

  • Requirements:
    1. Acquire the Dream Nail
    2. Defeat the Dung Defender
    3. Defeat all three Dreamers.
    4. Acquire Descending Dark / Desolate Dive ability.

The White Defender is the Dream version of the Dung Defender, and his secret lair is located in the Dung Defender’s boss arena in the Royal Waterways. One your ground-pound abilities to blast through the floor on the far-right side of the arena, near the switch.

Falling into the secret area, move left and use the Dream Nail on the sleeping defender to initiate the boss battle. He can be fought as many times as you want, but becomes increasingly more powerful after each defeat. You’ll get 300 essence for defeating him the first time.

The White Defender has the second most health in the game — second only to the Radiance.

Grey Prince Zote Boss – How To Find:

  • Requirements:
    • Acquire the Dream Nail.
    • Rescue Bretta in the Fungal Wastes.
    • Save Zote multiple times.
    • Defeat Zote in the Coliseum of Fools.

The foolhardy Zote becomes a boss battle if you save his love Bretta in the Fungal Wastes, sending her back to her home in Dirtmouth. You’ll have to save Zote multiple times as you encounter him — he appears in Greenpath, Dirtmouth, City of Tears, Deepnest, the Coliseum of Fools, and finally returns to Dirtmouth.

After defeating Zote in the Coliseum, use the Dream Nail on the statue of Zote located in Bretta’s basement, located in the town of Dirtmouth. Instead of fighting regular, weak Knight Zote, you’ll battle Bretta’s dream version — a muscular, powerful prince.

For defeating Grey Prince Zote, you’ll earn 300 essence. If you manage to defeat him 10 times, his statue in Bretta’s basement will turn solid gold.

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