Tekken 7: How To Unlock All Secret Characters | Collectibles Guide

Every hidden character found in Tekken 7.

Still missing a few Tekken 7 characters in your roster? The game features a relatively robust cast of characters to choose from, but still, you can unlock a few more and with this guide, we’ll help you walkthrough on how to unlock those few hidden characters within the game. Here are the hidden characters available until future DLC launches within the market.

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Eliza is a vampire that was first introduced into the Tekken franchise in Tekken Revolution. Not too much information is known about Eliza’s past, though it believed that she has the power to live for eternity and is already over a thousand years old.

The character was unveiled for Tekken 7 with players only receiving the character on day one for the console release if they had pre-ordered a copy of the game. For those who did not make the pre-order or happened to miss it, there’s still a chance to unlock Eliza.

After Tekken 7 has released into the market for a full thirty days, players can purchase an Eliza DLC which will grant players access to her character.

Devil Kazuya

While you can’t specifically choose Devil Kazuya within the character roster, players can still control the character in Tekken 7. Devil Kazuya first debuted in the franchise all the back in the original Tekken release and has become a staple villain within the entire franchise.

Acting as the cursed soul of Kazuya Mishima, players can only play as Devil Kazuya in spurts by selecting Kazuya Mishima. In order to bring out Devil Kazuya within a match, players will have to activate Kazuya Mishima’s Rage Art and even then the character will only be available to play as for a short amount of time.

Currently, it’s unknown as to if a future update will allow players the ability to use this character fully, though for now, we’ll have to wait and see.


Violet isn’t necessarily a separate character per se. Instead, the character was introduced to the Tekken franchise in Tekken 4. This character, Violet, was a disguise used for Lee Chaolan in the past so that he would be able to enter the fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament without being discovered by the Mishima Zaibatsu.

In the past, the character was selectable simply as a color pallet change though he was a whole separate character in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2. For Tekken 7, however, Violet had returned as a color pallet choice, though to see the color pallet choice, the game will require two players.

Player one will have to select Lee Chaolan from the roster and it’s only then that the secondary player will see the option to choose Violet as a color pallet alternative. Much like Devil Kazuya, it’s unknown as to if Violet will ever receive a full character slot in the roster after a future update.

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