Hitman: Absolution Easter Eggs

Hitman: Absolution contains an abundance of easter eggs. Here’s what gamers have found so far.

Hitman Absolution Easter Eggs

The Hitman series has always emphasized freeform exploration over linear gameplay, and thanks to its relatively large environments—at least compared to other games—the game’s developers at IO Interactive have always scattered numerous easter eggs and pop culture references throughout the games.

The previous game, Blood Money, featured a bizarre easter egg called the Rat Club, which presented a location, that when accessed by Agent 47, showed numerous rats doing very human things, like playing card games, boxing and so forth. The easter egg was a reference to paintings in which animals perform human things. 

Agent 47 could also dance in the level “The Murder of Crows” if the player stands on the dance floor and doesn’t interact with the game for awhile. 

The latest hitman game, Hitman: Absolution, features just as many amusing spectacles for you to find and discover—or if you’ve no patience to explore the game, the videos in the following slides can show you exactly where to go and what you can expect to find.