Top 10 Best Adventure Games of 2013

Adventure games are making a strong return in 2013. Find out what you’re in for.

Adventure Games of 2013

The year has been kind to fans of the adventure genre, especially with the release of Telltale Studios’ top notch title, The Walking Dead. It also saw the release of many newcomers, including the recently released Chaos on Deponia and Harvey’s New Eyes. We’ve reviewed the latter here.

Long regarded as ‘dead’ by naysayers—undoubtedly the same people who declare the death of PC gaming every year—adventure games remain alive and well, especially with the advent of portable gaming on the iPad. Many of the games developed for the Mac and PC also find their way onto the iPad because of how easy it is to translate the mouse clicking of an adventure game into a touchscreen interface.

In any case, we’ll only be focusing on the games bound for the PC, Mac and console in this particular article as they’re the platforms upon which only the best games are released—at least for now.

If you thought this year was full of great adventures, wait till you discover what 2013 has in store for you. Click on the next slide to begin!