The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind | All Vvardenfell Skyshard Locations

Looking to find all 18 skyshards on The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind’s mysterious island of Vvardenfell? Our map will make it quick and painless.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Skyshard Locations

Throughout your travels in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind you will see blue pillars of lighting shooting into the sky. Some of them are out in the open, some of them are in harder to reach areas, and many of them will be underground or in dungeons. These beams of light are Skyshards and they are one of the game’s many ways of promoting exploration and character progression. Collecting 3 Skyshards will award your character with 1 Skill Point.

There are a total of 18 Skyshards located on the island of Vvardenfell, giving a total of 6 Skill Points. To collect all of them use the handy map below, follow the directions given, and interact with the Skyshard.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Skyshard Locations

Look for the blue beacon to spot Skyshards from a distance.

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Vvardenfell Skyshard Locations

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Skyshard Locations

  1. This skyshard is next to a wooden fence in the courtyard of the house where you speak to Governor Salvi during the opening quest in Seyda Neen.
  2. Inside the Zainsipilu solo dungeon. Look for a wooden door under mushrooms near the road to enter the dungeon. While inside look for a path behind a waterfall.
  3. Head to Lake Amaya just north-east from Seyda Neen. From there head to the north-eastern edge of the lake where the skyshard is nestled in a tree trunk.
  4. In the ruins of Ashalmimilkala you will find this skyshard beyond a half-circle door.
  5. In the Khartag Point solo dungeon. Look for a pier to find the entrance. While inside the dungeon stick to the right until you see the second left turn. At the end of this path is the skyshard.
  6. This skyshard is located in Yasammadin. You will find it located next to a pillar of the bridge connected to a building.
  7. In the Ashalmawia solo dungeon. Look for large metal doors to enter the dungeon. While inside head to the second area and find the Worm Cults. Defeat them to acquire the skyshard.
  8. Just south of Valenvaryon there is a river of lava. At the southern area of the river you will see the skyshard stranded on an island of rocks.
  9. In the Forgotten Wastes public dungeon. Look for the dungeon entrance at the front of the large building. While inside head south to the Caverns of Koguruhn to locate the skyshard.
  10. In the Nchuleft solo dungeon. Look for a small circular metal door to enter. While inside take a right, and then the first left. Head through the doors and jump left off the bridge into the lava to collect the skyshard.
  11. Look for a wooden door attached to a rock face to find the entrance to Bandit’s Cave. While inside head north and stay to the left. The skyshard is in a bandit “home” carved in the rock wall.
  12. In the center of the large island look for a very large tree. Next to it there will be a small passage that ends with a campfire. Drop from this ledge on to a small boulder to claim the skyshard.
  13. Head to the smallest island to the north in this large cluster of islands. The skyshard will be out in the open.
  14. This skyshard is located next to the northern Dwemer ruin, above the river of lava.
  15. In the Nchuleftingth public dungeon. Follow the road south to enter. While inside head to the central area and climb the south western platform. Defeat the enemies to obtain the skyshard.
  16. At the fork in the road heading north you will find this skyshard hidden behind large rocks.
  17. Inside the Matus-Akin Egg Mine solo dungeon. There is a wooden path that leads to the entrance. While inside head to the large room with water. The skyshard is in the center of the pond.
  18. Found inside a tree stump located on the island with the large tower made of stone.