Halo 4 Armor Unlocks Guide: Armor Sets, Visors, Stances

Wondering how to unlock armor pieces in Halo 4? This guide should help.

Halo 4 Armor Unlocks

Halo 4 Armor Unlocks Guide

Halo 4 offers a host of customizability options for players to create their own distinct Spartan in the game’s multiplayer modes, otherwise known as Infinity Multiplayer. As you earn experience points in multiplayer and gain Spartan Ranks (SR), you’ll be able to unlock new pieces of armor for which to bedeck your character. 

Gaining ranks isn’t the only way to earn new armor however, as you’ll also be given the opportunity to unlock new pieces of armor by getting Commendations. These range from completing the game’s single-player campaign on Legendary mode, to becoming a “Master” at the various multiplayer modes. 

Completing Specializations will also allow you to unlock new pieces of armor. 

Finally, pre-ordering the game from various outlets like GameStop and Bestbuy, or picking up the Limited Edition of the game will also earn you certain types of armors. 

If you’re wondering what you need to do to unlock the various armors in Halo 4, we’ve compiled a guide based on information provided by 343 Industries via its updates on the Halo Waypoint, this reddit thread and the game itself. The details in the list (sans images) were compiled by Cliffhangerzero on reddit with the aid of the site's Halo community. 


In addition to these visors, you will unlock two-tone visor colors by completing each Specialization

Visor Recruit (Blue) : Starting visor
Visor Solar (Red) – Rank up to SR-20
Visor Frost (White) : Rank up to SR-29
Visor Midnight (Black) : Rank up to SR-46
Visor Legendary (Gold) : Complete the campaign on Legendary (Solo or Co-op)
Visor Blindside (Dark Red) : Avenger Master
Visor Cyan (Light Blue) : From the Brink Master
Visor Verdant (Green) : Splatter Master
Visor Sunspot (Purple & Blue) : Assistant Master


Recruit : Starting stance
Heroic : Rank up to SR-10
Assassin : Rank up to SR-32
Last Stand : Rank up to SR-50
Breach : UNSC Weapons Master
Standoff : Covenant Ordnance Mastery
Believe : Forerunner Ordnance Mastery
Assault : First Strike Master


Recruit : Starting armor
Warrior : Rank up to SR-8
Air Assault : Rank up to SR-11
Soldier : Rank up to SR-15
Aviator : Rank up to SR-17
Defender : Rank up to SR-21
Recon : Rank up to SR-26
E.V.A. : Rank up to SR-27
Warmaster : Rank up to SR-37
Scout : Rank up to SR-38
Orbital : Rank up to SR-41
Infiltrator : Rank up to SR-42
Hazop : Rank up to SR-43
E.O.D. : Rank up to SR-45
Oceanic : Rank up to SR-47
Enforcer : Rank up to SR-50

Halo 4 Armor Spartan Ranks

Halo 4 Spartan Ranks

Halo 4 Spartan Ranks

Halo 4 Spartan Ranks

Halo 4 Spartan Ranks

Halo 4 Spartan Rank 50

You can discover how to unlock armor based on Specializations, Commendations, and Limited Edition/Pre-Order Bonuses in the next slides.