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Prey’s Do No Harm side mission will offer gamers a bit more information regarding the main protagonist of the game.

Prey’sDo No Harm” side mission will offer gamers a bit more information regarding the main protagonist of the game, Morgan. Being a side mission, players are not required to complete the quest in order to progress through the main storyline.

However, if you’re looking for a few extra bits of loot such as new Neuromods, then it may be worth going through these little quests. Likewise, the side missions within the game are relatively straightforward which is especially the case for Do No Harm. Check out how to complete the mission in full with our guide down below.

Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Starting Do Not Harm / Step #1

  • In order to star the side mission Do No Harm, players will first need to access Mathias Kohl’s workstation computer. You’ll find his computer within his office located by Hendrik DeVries’ office within the Trauma Center.
    • If you haven’t picked up his office keycard, you’ll want to locate Dr. Hendrick DeVries’ corpse which is in the elevator lobby. Loot his corpse to gain his keycard in order to access his office.
  • Once inside his office, head to his computer and download the decryption key that will unlock the TranScribe that was also found on Dr. Hendrick DeVries’ corpse.
    • Note: DeVries’ Safe Code “Devries 7324”.
      • Note: Devries’ Safe Loot – Psi Hypo, Medkit, Super Repair Kit, 3x Neruomods.

Step #2

  • Now that you have successfully unlocked the TranScribe from Dr. Hendrick DeVries’ listen through the message “Morgan’s Breakdown”.
  • Use the computer located on Dr. Hendrick DeVries desk to start up and restart the behavior test.
    • Note: Behavior Test Answers – A, C, B, A, C.

Step #3

  • Once completing the behavior test and correctly inputting the right choices, a painting that hung on the wall within the office will raise up revealing a safe.
  • There’s no code required to open the safe, so simply search through the safe and pick up a TranScribe along with the three Neuromods.

Step #4

  • Now all that is left for gamers to do is listen through the new TranScribe which is a conversation our protagonist had with Kohl. Upon listening to the TranScribe, gamers will have completed the Do No Harm side mission.

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