Prey: The Corpse Vanishes Walkthrough | Quest Guide

Here’s how to complete the side mission “Stolen Neuromods” in Prey.

Here’s how to complete the side mission “Stolen Neuromods” in Prey. There’s a number of side missions available for gamers to complete in Prey. We’ll continue to update our guides table of contents below to showcase what walkthroughs are available down below.

For the most part, side missions within Prey are relatively easy to handle. This is the case for The Corpse Vanish which you can go through the entire walkthrough in about ten to fifteen minutes depending if you’re well prepared.

Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Note: You’ll need the General Access Keycard to progress through Psychotronic Morgue.

Step #1 / Starting The Corpse Vanishes

In order to get the side mission, you’ll need to read through the emails from John Gravilovic’s computer. His computer is located within the Research & Design office on the Neuromod Division.

Step #2

Upon reading the email from John Gravilovic’s computer, you’ll need to make your way over to the Trauma Center and read the emails from that particular computer workstation.

As noted, you’ll require the General Access Keycard. If you already progressed through the campaign enough to have received the keycard, head to the Psychotronics Morgue to locate Bellamy’s corpse.

Step #3

Note: Expect to fight some phantoms as you make your way down the lower levels of the Psychotronics Morgue.

The door to the Morgue will be locked, however, there is a relatively easy way to trigger access to the door. Head towards the hallway and smash out the glass, use the Huntress Boltcaster and hit a projectile the door access button.

The corpse in white clothing will be Sylvain Bellamy. Search the body and you’ll receive the keycard to Sylvain Bellamy’s cabin. Likewise, laying on a table within the room will be the Morgue keycard.

Step #4

By entering Sylvain Bellamy’s cabin which is located within the Crew Quarters, you’ll have successfully completed The Corpse Vanishes side mission.

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