Halo 4 Easter Eggs Guide

Having trouble finding some of the easter eggs in Halo 4? This guide should help.

Halo 4 Easter Eggs

The Halo series has always been full of easter eggs. For instance, Halo Reach offered a special type of enemy called the B.O.B., a gold-armored Sangheili Ranger who gave you a “Seek and Destroy” medal on Bungie.net for killing them. These enemies were a reference to to Bungie’s Marathon series of games, which stands for “Born on Board”—a reference to any humans born aboard the space colony. 

Other easter eggs were far less complicated affairs, such as the Tribute Room hidden within the campaign level “The Package.” This particular easter egg paid tribute to all of the parties who helped to expand the Halo franchise, such as Red vs. Blue and 7th Column.

Those little tidbits of history aside, Halo 4 contains just as many easter eggs, a few of which have been discovered so far by early adopters of the game. Like easter eggs of any variety, you’ll have to go out of your way to discover where they are. Click on the next slide to find out what’s in store for you in Halo 4.

Be aware that the following pages contain spoilers if you intend to discover these easter eggs for yourself. We'll be updating this page as more easter eggs become available.