Top 5 Best Kinect Games on Xbox 360

Microsft’s motion sensing device, Kinect, offers a lot of variety in terms of its launch titles. Here are five of the best Kinect games on the Xbox 360.

While analysts might suggest that the launch of Kinect has delayed the release of the Next Xbox (or Xbox 720) by bringing in a new dimension to the current gen Xbox 360, the hardcore gamers are yet to be impressed by what they've seen of Microsoft's motion sensing device. That doesn't mean there's nothing there for the casual gamer, after all both Sony and Microsoft have launched motion sensing controllers in a bid to woo the casual gamer, at least if you look at the launch titles. So here's our list of the Top 5 best Xbox Kinect games, so far,



Kinectimals, the first pet game to hit Microsoft's Kinect is probably one of the most robust and deep virtual pet games on the market. Instead of babysitting your cubs like-in other  similar games, players are free to interact with their pets however they wish. Interesting mini-games, adorable pets, great animation and gorgeous locations make this the perfect Christmas game for your hyper-active kid because it is tiring as hell.

Kinectimals scored a 7.8/10, based on 23 critic reviews.

Kinect Adventures

kinect adventures

According to Microsoft, there are 20 different locations in Kinect Adventures, but in reality there are only five: River Rush, Rally Ball, Reflex Ridge, Space Pop, and 20,000 leaks, with different variations and difficulty. This is the game that actually shows the potential of Kinect as its accuracy for the most part is spot on. The lack of content in the game is the only thing holding it back, but it serves as a good introduction to tiresome full body control scheme.

Kinect Adventures scored a 6.9/10, based on 23 critic reviews.

Dance Central

dance central

What is your opinion on dancing in front of your television? Well, whatever the answer may be, Dance Central is infectiously fun and probably "the game" to get you on-board the Kinect hype train. The more you play the game, the more confident you'll get in your Dance moves which makes the game very rewarding and gives players a lot of satisfaction at the same time. Dance games are not a new thing, but nobody does it quite like Dance Central: the full body tracking; rewarding scoring system and overall experience simply can't be matched by any other dance game on  the market.

Dance Central scored a 8.5/10, based on 24 critic reviews.

Kinect Sports

kinect sports

Kinect Sports is a collection mini-games(sports) featuring soccer, beach volleyball, bowling, table tennis, track and field, and boxing. It proves to be an excellent title to play with your buddies or family and Rare's special touch makes it much better experience than you'd expect. The sheer variety will keep you hooked, although it is best enjoyed with friends or family.

Kinect Sports scored a 7.4/10, based on 28 critic reviews.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

fitness evolved

Would you trade your real life personal trainer for Fitness Evolved, well, maybe not yet. The game comes pretty close though, it won't replace your gym schedule, if you have one, but serves as a perfect supplement and a new way of working out at home. The game will give you a good workout whether you stick to your personalized exercise regime or play the fitness games. Fitness freaks who own an Xbox 360 should definitely buy this game.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved scored a 7.6/10, based on 21 critic reviews.