Infinite Warfare: Shaolin Shuffle – The Complete Easter Egg Guide

Unlock the “Message Received” trophy / achievement and finally bring an end to the Rat King’s reign with the complete walkthrough for Shaolin Shuffle.

Unlock the “Message Received” trophy / achievement and finally bring an end to the Rat King’s reign with the complete walkthrough for Shaolin Shuffle, the Call of Duty: Zombies map included in the Continuum DLC for Infinite Warfare.

Here, we’re explaining how to complete every single step of the massive, end-game Easter egg. It all leads to a final boss battle and rewards you with a cutscene — and a bunch of trophies / achievements. There are morse code translations, cypher puzzles, and way more cryptic nonsense that’s almost impossible to figure out all on your won… even if, technically, this Easter egg can be completed solo.

See what it takes to help Pam Grier (yes, really!) take down the Rat King and end your trip to the 1970s zombie apocalypse with the full Easter egg guide below. If you’re interested in more Zombies walkthroughs, check out our Zombies in Spaceland Easter egg guide for a long look at the many secrets of the original Infinite Warfare survival map.

The Complete Easter Egg Guide

[Work-in-Progress: We’re still working on all the steps and details! Check back soon for new updates.]

Step #1: Find the Shaolin Sister

To truly get started, you’ll need to track down Pam Grier at the Dojo. This unlocks the Chi Elemental Kung Fu abilities after your first round against Roller-Skating Zombies. She’s inside the Black Cat Dojo.

[NOTE]: Unlock the Pack-a-Punch and activate all the power generators to make most of the map available. Activating power / PaP will be required for certain steps later.

Step #2: Follow the Yellow Rat

See the Rat Cages found throughout the map? Some contain rats. Use a Shuriken on the rat cages containing rats and a special Yellow Rat will appear. Follow it — it leads you to all the other rat cages, one at a time.

At the final destination, the rat will leave behind a special item. Collect it and a yellow magic circle will appear. Kill zombies while inside the magic circle to summon a wave of Ninjas — kill these foes and grab the key they drop.

Step #3: Open the Locker & Shoot the Symbols

Take the key down to the Subway Station with the Bang Bangs Perk Machine. Next to the machine, there are lockers. Use the key here to open a locker with the word “SOULKEY” written on the inside.

Next, you’ll need to find Chinese symbols scattered across the map and shoot them in a very specific order.

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  1. The first symbol is found to the right of the Black Cat Dojo.
  2. The second symbol is in the Disco Inferno restroom.
  3. By the statue at the Deadeye Dewdrops Perk Machine.
  4. Same set of symbols as #3, directly to the right.

Shoot all four symbols in order to unlock a battle with the Rat King.

Step #4: Get the Rat King’s Eye & Shoot More Symbols

After shooting the four symbols, find the magic circle just outside the Black Cat Dojo. The Rat King will appear — defeat him and he’ll drop a special Eye item. Collect that eye — press [L1] to reveal secret Rat King Symbols found all over the map.

Talk to Pam Grier, the Shaolin Sister in the Black Cat Dojo, after defeating the Rat King and getting his eye. She’ll send you on a new quest — you need to locate and shoot 6 Rat King symbols around that map that are only revealed with the eye. Press [L1] to use the eye.

[NOTE]: The Rat King symbols appear one-at-a-time in random order. Check the following list of locations and activate the eye to spot the glowing orange symbols. When you do, shoot the symbol and another will appear. Remember — you must shoot 6 (six) symbols in total.

Rat King Symbol Locations:

  • On the roof of an airduct visible through the rooftop skylight at the Inferno Disco.
  • Directly above the Black Cat Dojo door.
  • Through the window of the barbershop next door to the Black Cat Dojo.
  • In the Subway, behind the stairs near the Bang Bangs Perk Machine.
  • On the side of the Inferno Disco marquis, across from the theater.
  • Marked on an abandoned police car behind the Bombstoppers Perk Machine.
  • Look right of the Ripper wallbuy at a building with a shack on top, above a broad balcony.
  • On a broad sheet hanging from a clothesline in the alley above Deadeye Dewdrops / Magic Wheel.
  • In the Spawn Room, look up at the metal grates above (and behind) the subway train.
  • Find the rooftops near the dojo and look in a window giving off sickly yellow / green light. To the right of a painting.
  • Behind a large bass speaker near the Heebie Geebies Perk Machine.
  • Look on the water tower visible from the rooftops of Disco Inferno.
  • Go to the blue-ish room by the Trailblazers Perk Machine. In the left back corner. May need to jump to see it.

Step #5: Translate Morse Code & Get the Summer Nightmare Poster

After successfully shooting 6 symbols, the pay phones around the map will start ringing. Answer them to get a morse code message in response — this can get tricky. You’ll need to translate the morse code message into a number — just a single number.

Now that you’ve got a number, go to the Summer Nightmare poster (these are found randomly all over the map) and collect the poster with your morse code number on it.

After collecting the poster, place it on the spotlight on the roof of the Inferno Disco.

Step #6: Complete the Cypher & Spell Out A Word

When you place the correct Summer Nightmare poster on the spotlight, found on the roof of the Inferno Disco, a large “X” will appear in a nearby window. Use any explosive weapon on the “X” to summon a wave of ninjas. Wipe these ninjas out, and look for the real challenge that appears.

A bunch of scrambled glowing letters will appear after the ninjas are defeated. This is a cypher puzzle, and you’ll need to shoot the glowing letters to spell out the correct word. The word is random every time.

[NOTE]: The cypher hasn’t yet been solved. We’ll update this section once more information is available.

To help figure out the Cypher, here are some confirmed words the community has found so far. Depending on the length of your word, one of these might work.

Cypher Rules: A backwards “S” = “W”

  • Cypher Puzzle Solutions
    • HIVES
    • DEATH
    • TIGER
    • BRUTE
    • GHETTO

Step #7: Get the Rat King’s Brain

When the correct Cypher word is input, you’ll get another chance to fight the Rat King. Go down to the Deadeye Dewdrops Perk Machine to find another Rat King boss battle opportunity. Defeat him and collect the brain.

Step #8: Repair the Broken Subway Turnstile Gate

Return to the Black Cat Dojo and talk to Pam Grier after getting the Rat King’s Brain. Wait three rounds, and another three rounds will automatically complete — making the following sequence harder. Come prepared to fight in an enclosed environment.

Magic fire will block all the exit doors from the Black Cat Dojo, and a swarm of enemies will appear from all directions. Take them all out and survive the onslaught. A piece of a turnstile gate will appear at the entrance to the Black Cat Dojo after completing the survival wave.

Collect the turnstile and use it on the broken turnstyle gate in the Spawn Room subway.

Step #9: Collect Zombie Souls In Magic Circles

There’s another symbol to shoot to start the next sequence of events. Go to the Mule Munchies Perk Machine alleyway and climb the ladder. Look for an open window and shoot the symbol inside a building across the way.

Shooting the symbol hidden in this window summons even more glowing yellow symbols all over Shaolin Shuffle. You know what to do — go to each of the magic circles and kill zombies inside.

Keep killing zombies under the circles disappear and the next event can begin.

Step #10: Disco Inferno Hot Potato

Enter the Disco Inferno to find a zombie with a Disco Ball over its head. Lead more zombies onto the dance floor of the Disco Inferno, but ONLY KILL ZOMBIES WITH THE DISCO BALL. Each time you kill a zombie with the disco ball, it will jump to another zombie.

Keep killing the dancing disco ball zombies until it completely stops spawning.

Step #11: Get the Rat King’s Heart

Go outside the Disco Inferno to find a new Rat King Symbol. Activate it to initiate the third battle against the Rat King. When the Rat King is defeated this time, you’ll get his heart. You’ll now have; the eye, the brain, and the heart.

Talk to Pam Grier at the Black Cat Dojo one final time and prepare for the final boss battle of the map.

Step #12: FINAL BOSS

To initiate the final boss battle, travel down to the underground where the Rat King’s Lair is located. Complete a round while everyone is inside the lair to begin the battle. The Rat King will appear in the chamber and attack with zombies. Clear the zombies and shoot down the Rat King until he retreats.

[NOTE]: Pam Grier provides unlimited revives if you’re on Solo. Use the Chi Elemental Powers to open crates solo / team to reveal Perk Spawns. Collect the power-ups throughout the battle.

After defeating the Rat King, there are three more stages to the boss fight — you can select any order to complete them.

  • Eye: Use the Rat King eye ability with [L1] to see glowing symbols. The Eye in the arena bounces around, making new symbols appear on the ceiling that are only visible with the eye ability. Quickly shoot the symbols on the ceiling as they appear to complete this stage.
  • Brain: Zombies will swarm the brain and the Rat King will try to stop them. Focus on shooting the Rat King — when he’s down, a Max Ammo will appear.
  • Heart: Acid is dumped around the arena. Get kills while in the acid to clear the section — clear all the acid from the arena to complete this stage of the battle.

Complete all three steps to unlock the ending. Because you’ve stuck with the guide this long, here’s the full ending cutscene.

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