Infinite Warfare: Shaolin Shuffle – How To Upgrade the Pack-a-Punch

Increase your insane Pack-a-Punch power with this weird Easter egg upgrade method. It involves a secret switch, a hidden timer, and lots of electricity.

Pack even more punch with this quick method that increases the power of the Pack-a-Punch machine in Shaolin Shuffle, the Call of Duty: Zombies map included in the Continuum DLC for Infinite Warfare. All you need to do is get some Alien Fuses — those can’t be so hard to find, right?

Actually, they’re pretty easy. I mean, easy is totally relative here, but for a Pack-a-Punch upgrade in a Zombies map, this method is a breeze. To make things easier, you’ll want to stop by the Dojo and unlock Chi abilities from Pam Grier, allowing your team of weirdos to bust open teleportation doors. No, we’re not making stuff up.

This bizarre little challenge is just another step in the massive end-game Easter egg hidden in every Zombies map. To see how complicated these things can be, check out our massive Zombies in Spaceland Easter Egg walkthrough, taking you through each and every step of the process.

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How To Unlock Double Pack-a-Punch

[NOTE: Before upgrading the Pack-a-Punch, you’ll need to actually unlock the Projector Room teleporter. Check out the link above for all the details.]

Once you’ve opened the doors to the Strip Club, entered the viewing room and activated to the portal to the Projector Room where the Pack-a-Punch machine is located, you can begin the quest to double-up.

Step #1: Press the Button in the Projector Room

After stepping through the portal to the PaP Room, turn left to find a wall-mounted button. Press it to activate an invisible timer — it’s about 30 seconds.


Step #2: Sprint to the Racing Stripes Rooftop Power Switch

You’ll have about 30 seconds (from the moment you activate the button) to reach the Racing Stripe perk machine rooftop where the power switch is located. For that short amount of time, the power switch box will open — and there’s a very special item inside.

[NOTE]: To get to the roof faster, unlock the Chi powers by meeting with Pam Grier in the Dojo. Drink one of the elemental jars, and then use / upgrade Kung Fu to knock down the boarded-up doors, revealing portals that will get you around faster. One of these is located down the street, to the right after leaving the Strip Club.

Bust open both teleport doors to make it to the rooftop in time to grab the Alien Fuses out of the open power switch case.

Step #3: Charge the Alien Fuses

Next, go down to the subway where the Bang Bang perk machine is located and drop  onto the train tracks. There’s a section of the tracks that’s buzzing with electricity. Interact at the dead center of the tracks where the electrical currents are found to place the Alien Fuses.

This is at the dead end of the tracks. Watch out for incoming subway trains! They pass through every so often.

Wait for a train to pass through the subway terminal and over the alien fuses. That’s what charges them.

Step #4: Insert the Alien Fuses

Return to the PaP Room and insert the charged Alien Fuses to upgrade your Pack-a-Punch powers. This whole process can easily be completed right after you unlock the PaP — it’s one of the easier upgrades to unlock, too.

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