Infinite Warfare: Shaolin Shuffle – Elemental Chi Powers Guide | How It Works

As if Call of Duty: Zombies wasn’t complicated enough, the new Shaolin Shuffle map includes four new elemental “Chi” abilities for you to collect.

As if Call of Duty: Zombies wasn’t complicated enough, the new Shaolin Shuffle map, in the Continuum DLC for Infinite Warfare, includes four new elemental “Chi” abilities for you to collect. Set in the seedy 1970s, you’ll be able to learn kung-fu and use it to decimate zombies with four powerful abilities. Here, we’re going to explain how this system works.

The third Zombies map for Infinite Warfare brings in another new genre mash-up — kung fu and Blaxploitation. Set in the bad 1970s when New York wasn’t the wholesome city it is today, you’ll fight through Discos and Strip Clubs, learning kung-fu from Pam Grier and taking down the Rat King in its underground lair.

And like all of the Zombies map, there’s a huge Easter egg to uncover. To help tide you over, check out all the steps needed to conquer Zombies in Spaceland with our complete Easter egg guide. Then, it’s worth seeing how to call in David Hasselhoff for help — or even unlock him as a playable character.

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Elemental Chi Powers Guide

[Requisite: Unlock the path to the Dojo and talk with the Shaolin Sister — Pam Grier! She’s hard to miss, sitting in the center of the large interior chamber. You’ll also need to complete at least one roller-skating zombie round.]

To begin powering up your Chi abilities, you’ll need to find and collect special jars. These glowing jars appear at random as you explore — and only after linking up with Pam Grier in the dojo.

After using a jar, all four types will reward the player with a standard one-hit-kill melee strike. The power will grow as you hit kill requirements to “level up” your elemental power.

  • Elemental Power Unlocks:
    • You start with a melee attack that (usually) one-hit kills early round zombies.
    • Next, you’ll unlock a shoryuken — an elemental blast.
    • All four Chi powers have their own unique [L1] function. Try them all out to see what happens.
    • Finally, you’ll unlock a final unique function once fully upgraded. Each Chi has a different special upgraded function.

You can drink a jar once per round. Every time you use a Chi ability, you will drain some of your energy. The only way to recharge is with another jar.


Fully Upgraded Chi Abilities:

When upgraded, each type of Chi power gains a special, unique [L1] function. When fully upgraded, you’ll also unlock a secondary special power.

  • Tiger
    • LI: Summons a firey black hole that sucks in any nearby zombies.
    • Fully Upgraded: Fast-firing ground pound that obliterates nearby enemies with a shockwave.
  • Dragon
    • LI: Freezes zombies (a pillar of light appears) temporarily, making it easy to escape or catch running hordes.
    • Fully Upgraded: Summons a powerful stationary dragon effect where it is activated, and remains for some time. Any zombies that enter the field of effect will rapidly die.
  • Snake
    • L1: Summons a friendly skeleton that attracts Zombie attention. They’ll go for the skeleton before going for you.
    • Fully Upgraded: Unlocks a melee super-punch flurry. Activate to unleash fast punches that last an extended period of time. Splatters anything in your path.
  • Crane
    • L1: Freezes zombies in place and splatters them, similar to the Dragon ability.
    • Fully Upgraded: Flying spinning kick. Shoots the player straight forward like a rocket, obliterating any zombies between you and your destination.

All four abilities are powerful, but the Dragon / Tiger specials can make wiping out large groups of zombies a breeze. Crane and Snake are good for killing zombies directly ahead, but Dragon can create a no-go zone that wipes out any zombie that enters. The Snake Chi elemental summon is another amazing distraction.

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