Infinite Warfare: Shaolin Shuffle – Pack-A-Punch Guide | Step-by-Step

Enhance your Zombies arsenal with the Pack-a-Punch. Finding all the items required, including an impossible-to-find Token, is pretty easy with these tips.

The first step of every Call of Duty: Zombies map might be turning on the power, but the second step is always unlocking the Pack-A-Punch machine. Shaolin Shuffle has one of the trickier PaP machines to unlock, requiring your team (or solo player!) to find three very hidden items.

Key to the Pack-a-Punch is the Pink Cat Strip Club. You’ll need to get inside, and opening the portal to the secret room containing the 5000 point weapon-upgrading machine isn’t easy if you don’t know where to look.

That’s where we come in. Below, we’ll provide detailed instructions to help you track down these insanely tough-to-find items. The Strip Club Token is particularly crazy — there’s no way we’d find that on our own.

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How to Pack-a-Punch

The Pack-a-Punch is a powerful tool that upgrades weapons and makes surviving high rounds possible. If you were able to open the Pack-a-Punch (PaP) room in Zombies in Spaceland, this might look a little familiar to you.

Instead of going through portals, you’ll need to collect three special items in any order. These items spawn in different areas of the map every time you play, so check all the locations listed below to get all three.

[NOTE: To enter the underground / Rat King’s Lair, you’ll need to activate all 4 power generator switches.]

  • Required Items To Unlock PaP: 
    • Pink Cat Flyer – Unlocks the Strip Club doors.
      1. Near the Quickies perk machine on a white table, on the Disco rooftop.
      2. Outside the neon Pink Cat Strip Club, on the concrete sidewalk. Very visible and hard to miss if its here.
      3. On the rooftops near Racing Stripes, on a folding chair near stacks of wooden palettes in a corner.
      4. Just outside the spawn area, on a pile of trash.
    • Strip Club Token – Use on the door to access the Projector Room in the Strip Club.
      • Very tricky to find — go prone and look underneath the Tuff’Nuff perk machine. Its always found in the same spot.
    • Film Reel – Use on the projector in the Strip Club.
      1. In the underground, up the steps from the Tuff’Nuff perk machine, on a cardboard crate.
      2. Inside the Rat King’s underground lair, in one of the sewer pipes lining the round arena walls.
      3. Go to the Inferno Disco VIP Room to search the red couches near the Skull Crusher arcade machine.
      4. Right of the lockers location.
      5. Inside the Pink Cat Strip Club, on the right side, sitting on a chair.

Once you have all three items (available to collect in any order) — travel to the Strip Club on the main street. Unlock the front doors with the Pink Cat Flyer, then enter the Projector Room with the Token. Insert the Film Reel into the projector, and a portal to the Pack-a-Punch machine will open.

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